Design Dialogue

The purpose of this talk series is to increase awareness about the scope of the design field amongst the students. Achievers from various offshoots of design can inspire the students to find personal connection with the work they share. The designer’s contribution to the journey of an idea from the drawing board to a real-life application has also been a topic of curiosity.

Design for masses

(April 2022)

Satyajit Mittal

Satyajit has completed his graduate diploma from the MIT Institute of Design, Pune. He is the creator of SquatEase, a redesigned platform that elevates the footrest of toilets at a certain angle to make it easier for users to squat. His invention aims to improve hygiene and sanitation in many developing communities in India. His design also has a universal demarcation to help the visually impaired. He is currently building another venture Aretto – Footwear Tech Startup.

Satyajit talked to the audience about his passion for designing products that are inclusive. He also articulated various milestones on his journey of success and how he converted the logistical challenges into opportunities to create impact. Satyajit talked about his product lines; their development process and the dynamic roles that he had to assume to accomplish the challenges.

Innovations for Grassroots...

(March 2022)

Vinay Reddy

Vinay Reddy, from Sickle Innovations; recipient of many awards and recognitions from the industry as well as the Government of India. The speaker presented the phenomenal innovations that his team has achieved by designing products for the farming sector. 

Vinay demonstrated the range of work Sickle Innovations is doing in the line of farming. He systematically explained how the projects go through a thorough consideration using the design process to come up with a usable, feasible and marketable product. The talk uniquely threw light upon all the hurdles and apprehensions a novice innovator may face while going through the stages of the design process.

Research or Entrepreneur??

(February 2022)

Aniruddha Joshi

Aniruddha Joshi of Atreya Innovations, a receiver of the National Startup Award, 2021 in the AYUSH category (Health). The speaker talked about his journey from a technological researcher to a well-recognized entrepreneur. He also illustrated how design has helped him in this journey.


Mr Joshi also talked about his path-breaking healthcare solutions; combining Indian holistic science, western medical science and AI to provide personalized and predictive health and wellness insights. Their product offerings Nadi Tarangini and Turyaa; both use the principles of Ayurveda to accurately diagnose physical, mental, and emotional imbalances as well as diseases.

Design Management

(January 2022)

Dr Ravindra Rajhans

Dr Ravindra Rajhans is a retired General Manager (Cab Design at Tata Motors – ERC). He has 38 years of cumulative experience working in the industry as well as in academics.

 The speaker educated us about different aspects of project management from a designer’s perspective; other managerial aspects that influence innovation. 

Design, Modernity and India

(December 2021)

Saurabh Tewari

Saurabh Tewari, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal. He studied B. Arch (2003-08, SSAA Gurgaon) and M. Des (2008- 10, IDC IIT Bombay). He obtained a doctorate in Design from the IIT Kanpur in 2021 for his thesis “Design Paradigms: A Post-colonial Design History of India”. 

Saurabh opened a discussion at the beginning of the talk to have a common definition of design as well as modernity to get the audience attuned to the topic. Thereafter he pondered on western ideology and decolonisation of design.

Saurabh stipulated three main aspects of the entangled history of design in India; foundational, developmental and reflective. He articulated each of the three aspects with fitting examples and provided a quick yet informative overview of the evolution of design in India.

New age branding strategies

(November 2021)

Vijaybahu Joshi

Vijaybahu holds a Master’s Degree in Design from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from The School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Vijaybahu Joshi, presently working with Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd as AVP – Head of Experience Design; looking after multiple design portfolios.

Vijaybahu initiated a discussion about branding as a process; how it applies to simple objects around us. He established through examples; how our limbic brain is operating for us, as well as how branding for a product or a company is built on these capabilities of the human brain. Branding is based on recognition, recall and emotional response, which is highly subjective in nature. 

Vijaybahu also touched upon the evolving trends and new media in branding such as social media, brand integration and established how marketing and branding are becoming implicit. He also shared a few technologies that may be employed by branding/ marketing agencies.

Script as Concept

(October 2021)

Dr Santosh Kshirsagar

Dr Santosh’s doctoral research consisted of an investigation into the sufficiency and efficacy of existing Devanagari basic strokes for the complex graphical nature of the complete script; He has conducted a couple of hundred workshops on Devanagari Calligraphy & visual identity.

He is also a logo & visual designer, and has also worked in type design (OTF) in Gujarati & Oriya scripts for window XP and many others

Dr Santosh’s talk began with the evolution of script; and how it is a recent discovery in the evolution of languages. Then he elaborated on various nuances of the script; namely: handwriting, calligraphy and type design.

He demonstrated; through examples, the details of the alphabet as a symbol and the word as an encoded form of an idea. The various poetic versions of calligraphy were explained along with the technical aspects of new-age font design for digital applications.

Work In Progress

(September 2021)

Prashant Nandiprasad 

Prashanth Nadiprasad is an architect and industrial designer.

He is the founder of Etagi Design Collaborative (started in 2011) a “Multi Design Disciplinary Firm”, primarily providing service in the core areas of Master Planning, Landscape Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Product Design.

Prashanth is also an academician at heart and has been associated with the Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Architecture, Bangalore.

He covered the meaning of architecture and how it differs from engineering. The speaker also elaborated on some interesting facts and numbers about how architecture is currently practised in India.

Prashanth presented one of the ‘Etagi’ projects to the audience; by demonstrating elements of space planning, and experience design via the selection of materials and design detailing. The last section of the talk was about learnings and takeaways of architecture and design from the speaker’s point of view.

Design Innovation for humanity and sustainability...

(August 2021)

Amit Inamdar 

Amit is the Founder Director of Zealous Design Solutions, PlusONE Initiative and TheDesignYogi

He has a rich experience of over a decade of working on various projects in Design, Innovation and New Product Development.

His own international award-winning social venture called ‘PlusONE Initiative’ works in up-cycling of non-recyclable material.

PlusONE Initiative was the recipient of the inaugural British Council UK Alumni Award under Entrepreneurial Category in 2015.

Looking at Books as an Art Form & Objects

(April 2021)

Aditi Babel

Aditi is the founder and head designer at the Aditi Babel Design Studio(ABDS) and she primarily works in the field of information design. Aditi has completed her master’s degree in design from IDC, IIT Bombay. She went on to study Traditional Book Binding, Creating Limited Edition Concept/ Artist Books & Traditional Print Making, from the Santa Reperata International School of Art, Florence, Italy. ABDS under the label ‘Babel Books’, their valuable associations have been with Harvard Business School, IIT Bombay, The City Palace of Udaipur, IIM Udaipur, Welspun and Tulika Publication to name a few.

Aditi took the participants through her journey from learning applied and fine arts, the master’s program in design. Her experiences during her bookbinding course were thought-provoking. Aditi’s style of work has been a culmination of her multifaceted education and the participation from local artisans that work with her. Various prestigious projects were shared through an impressive visual presentation and impactful stories that accompanied the visuals. ABDS’s latest experiments that push the boundaries of bookmaking were also shared during the session.

A drawing a day...

(March 2021)

Prabhat Mahapatra 

Prabhat is currently heading the ‘design lab’ at Adobe India. His team explores immersive media and new technologies that contribute to the creative experience. Prabhat is an electrical engineer turned designer and artist. His visual communication skills are extraordinary he says: ‘ A drawing a day keeps sanity away’!

Prabhat introduced the participants to his exciting journey from being an engineer to becoming an artist. He demonstrated projects comprising product design, space design, vehicle design and communication design. Afterwards, Prabhat introduced us to the new and emerging technologies that his lab is exploring and explained the role of designers. It was an informal and interactive session; including demonstrations and stimulating discussions about visual communication.

Designing methodologies and co-creation

(February 2021)

Nancy Kumar

Nancy has studied a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from NID and further a masters in Interaction from the prestigious Domus Academy, Italy. She is currently working as a Strategic Design Manager, Growth & Innovation at Airbus.

Nancy’s talk was focused on design methodology. She demonstrated the importance of three pillars of design namely, feasibility, viability and usability. She also demonstrated how design thinking can be implemented in designing the user experience for products and services to assist healthcare.

Kangaroo mother care

(January 2021)

Mr. Pushkar Ingale

An alumnus of Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay; he later went on to complete the Stanford India Biodesign Fellowship. His work addresses complex social and systemic issues through design thinking. He enjoys promoting design awareness and has been a jury member, visiting faculty with design institutes.

Pushkar’s talk today was centred around a solution called: Kangaroo Mother care which is a neonatal care device. He articulated the difficulties in defining the scope of a socially relevant project. The iterative research that he and his team went about towards the development of the product for two years was an eyeopener. Pushkar also touched upon a few other projects that he has been working on; in the healthcare domain.

Designing The Rupee Symbol

(December 2020)

Dr. D Udaya Kumar

Associate Professor and Head in Department of Design, IIT Guwahati. Udaya’s core area of interest as well as research is typography, with a focus on Tamil typography. Young Indian Leader, CNN-IBN, Network 18. Udaya has designed the famous Rupee symbol, that has an international standing.

Udaya’s talk focused on the evolution of the Rupee Symbol. He demonstrated how it is connected to Indian scripts, other national symbols and our culture. The presentation also demonstrated the translation of the symbol on various graphical co-laterals like price tags, tax bills, train tickets and digital displays. Udaya also shared the insights about the research he went through while designing the symbol and the presentation of the concept to the government authorities.