Design Dialogue

The purpose of this talk series is to increase awareness about the scope of the design field amongst the students. Achievers from various offshoots of design can inspire the students to find personal connection with the work they share. The designer’s contribution to the journey of an idea from the drawing board to a real-life application has also been a topic of curiosity.

Designing The Rupee Symbol

(December 2020)

Dr. D Udaya Kumar

Associate Professor and Head in Department of Design, IIT Guwahati. Udaya’s core area of interest as well as research is typography, with a focus on Tamil typography. Young Indian Leader, CNN-IBN, Network 18. Udaya has designed the famous Rupee symbol, that has an international standing.

Udaya’s talk focused on the evolution of the Rupee Symbol. He demonstrated how it is connected to Indian scripts, other national symbols and our culture. The presentation also demonstrated the translation of the symbol on various graphical co-laterals like price tags, tax bills, train tickets and digital displays. Udaya also shared the insights about the research he went through while designing the symbol and the presentation of the concept to the government authorities.

Kangaroo mother care

(January 2021)

Mr. Pushkar Ingale

An alumnus of Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay; he later went on to complete the Stanford India Biodesign Fellowship. His work addresses complex social and systemic issues through design thinking. He enjoys promoting design awareness and has been a jury member, visiting faculty with design institutes.

Pushkar’s talk today was centred around a solution called: Kangaroo Mother care which is a neonatal care device. He articulated the difficulties in defining the scope of a socially relevant project. The iterative research that he and his team went about towards the development of the product for two years was an eyeopener. Pushkar also touched upon a few other projects that he has been working on; in the healthcare domain.

Designing methodologies and co-creation

(February 2021)

Nancy Kumar

Nancy has studied a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from NID and further a masters in Interaction from the prestigious Domus Academy, Italy. She is currently working as a Strategic Design Manager, Growth & Innovation at Airbus.

Nancy’s talk was focused on design methodology. She demonstrated the importance of three pillars of design namely, feasibility, viability and usability. She also demonstrated how design thinking can be implemented in designing the user experience for products and services to assist healthcare.